Branding, Packaging, Illustration


Entertaining Elevated

Timeless design and authentic materials for an elevated entertaining experience. RBT focuses on simple forms and mixed materials to bring the barware products on trend. Backed by an in-house industrial design team, these products are at a high price point and needed a branding system that took the brand to the next level.

Branding System

RBT products are in a pretty expensive pricepoint. Catered to a niche market they needed a branding system to match. A monoline logo kept the idea of uniformity thoughout, a simple rabbit logo is a subtle nob to their corporate parent company. Color palettes easily get muddy, so we opted for a simple color range with pops of gold to emulate the product's mixed material choices.  


Font choices are very important especially when you are creating packaging and a web presence. The choice of Freight as a header font was easy, because serif fonts take the overall feeling to an elevated place. The pairing with Akzidens-Grotesque brought back more modern undertones to balance out overly classical serifs.

Packaging Elements

Since the price points on the products were high and most of the budget was taken up developing the products. It left us with a small budget for packaging, taking that into account we knew we only had middle of the road materials available to us. Lots of focus had to be given to photography/renders and custom illustration iconsets to set the packaging apart.


Each package had a custom illustration to easily identify which package has which product in it. These will be heavily used when creating future marketing collateral.

Chris De La Fuente

Chris De La Fuente

Art Direction
Chris DLF & Jae Lim

Studio 3