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We All Got 'em

Vices is a brand for all the kids that might have grown up in a place that they didn't think was that cool. They didn't think anything was happening, it was our message to let people know that it didn't matter where you were from because you can start anything, anywhere. Creating a brand with a few friends was the best way I could have ever spent my late teenage years. It was an outlet for me to practice graphic design, a way to meet friends, throw events, plan out photoshoots, but most importantly keep me out of trouble, wink, wink.


Vices needed something simple and bold, something that we could easily print 1 color, and throw on a tiny sticker and keep it legible. The logo was created using geometric shapes, with it's basic shape it was applied easily to woven labels, stickers, shirts, hats. 

The Ethos

We grew up in Tucson, AZ. Everyone hated our hometown, I would like to think a little more than anyone else hates their hometown when they are young. A lot of people spent their time in negative ways and this was our outlet to start creating and try to put our city on the map.

Clothing Designs

With a small budget we stuck to the highest quality materials we could, cut & sew was a far away distant dream. Researching blank t-shirts and sweatshirts for hours led us through a rabbit hole of forums. Making sure we had what the big name brands mattered to us, because if the quality isn't as good it can't compete. We had 2 launches of designs, inspired heavily by our environment, the desert, our friends, and overall shenanigans.


Getting a camera was huge for us, it allowed us to take our own photography and video. It elevated our brand to a higher place, able to compete with other people doing the same thing. 

Process Videos

My favorite brands always took you on a tour behind the scenes. Getting to see what makes them tick is the most interesting part, I wanted to show people the process, the workshop (my bedroom), and the effort that we made leading up to launches.  We designed, printed, photographed and marketed all our own stuff and it was vital to show all the fun stuff we got to touch.

Order Doodles

We drew on every order that came through, we made sure to write little notes letting anyone who supported us know that they were hugely important to any success we might have had. We just wanted to put a smile on people's faces.

Thank You Everyone

Vices has not been selling clothes for a couple years now, but we had a good run. We met a lot of fantastic people. We sold some clothes. We learned a whole lot from this experience and are happy to have done what we did. I personally just wanted to say thank you to everyone who ever supported us, we still love you all!

Chris De La Fuente

Art Direction
Chris De La Fuente

Chris DLF + Friends

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