Wheelhouse Digital Marketing

Packaging, Illustration, Art Direction, Photography


Ready For A Refresh

Wheelhouse does great work for their clients and is growing exponentially, but they had no time to update their look from years prior. We can all agree that's the worst problem you can possibly have, too much work to do isn't a bad thing. We can all also agree sometimes you have to make time for bettering your business otherwise there won't be a business to better later. They came to us for a refresh, and we helped 'em out.

Rebranding Assets

A complete overhaul of the original brand was done to make Wheelhouse Digital Marketing Group more relevant in their current space and allow them to go after bigger and better clients. They have a track record of collaboration, they work with you. We worked with them to make sure everyone knows that, that's why we turned the logo into a system that can be used to show that "with" is their motto, it's their ethos.

The Slash

It carries the weight of most of the system, transforming the letter "W" into a statement. It also feeds most of the brand assets and make all the collateral have the Wheelhouse look.

Chris De La Fuente

Chris De La Fuente

Art Direction
Chris DLF & Jae Lim

Studio 3